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Decluttering and organizing all parts of your world can bring you a sense of CALM and FREEDOM.

Can’t find anything when you need it? Are your office, living spaces, vehicle, or closets chaotic and stressful? Is important paperwork strewn all over your home? Clutter and disorganization anywhere we regularly exist makes everything more complicated and robs us of time doing what’s important to us. Kaos Group can help you create ZEN personal spaces that you will simply LOVE. We will sort, organize, label, donate, downsize, and create that cozy, inviting home you and your family deserve, giving you the latitude to BE YOUR BEST!

Personal Space Organizing

Unencumber yourself, your potential growth, success, and happiness by creating organizational systems in all your spaces.

Home Office Organizing

Optimizing a home office boosts productivity and streamlines workflow, which sets the stage for creativity and success.

We will customize many approaches to organization:

  • Streamline Work Space: Define zones for different tasks: writing, computer work, meetings and brainstorming to delineate activities and boosts productivity

  • Maintenance: Schedule recurring sessions with us for review and accountability

  • Tax Time Preparation: Create systems for financial documentation, deadline management, audit prep, bankruptcy support and back tax filing

  • File and Storage Systems: Implement a filing system using file cabinets, shelves or binders to organize and store important papers

  • Sort & Reduce: Sort through papers, files, and office supplies – keep, archive, discard or shred

  • Daily Wrap-up Plan: For the end of each day, develop a ten-minute wrap-up to calm your mind, including pre-planning the next for enhanced productivity

Living Space Organizing

Improving living space organization enhances wellbeing, boosts productivity, and increases overall satisfaction in daily life.

Here are some of the approaches Kaos Group will use:

  • Systematic Organizing Process: Strategic and proven methodologies for decluttering that will lead to a sense of achievement and inspiration.

  • Maximize Space: Insights and clever storage options to make the most of every area in your house

  • Personalized Systems: Specially designed routines and systems to maintain your preferences and sense of style

  • Declutter to Reduce Stress: It has been proven that decluttering can reduce stress, enhance efficiency, and promote focus and relaxation

Your Move Journey

Seamlessly transitioning to a new space reduces stress, instills security, and fosters a positive outlook on the upcoming journey.

Moving with our help can cover several aspects:

  • Pre-Move Prep: Sorting, organizing and streamlining possessions can ensure only what’s necessary makes the move

  • Efficient Packing: Strategic packing plans and labeling systems that make unpacking at your new home a straightforward and organized process

  • Move Day: Coordinate, unpack, set up and create functional and organized space that feel like home from day one

  • Post-Move Sessions: Establish functional personalized systems, from arranging furniture or exercise space, to organizing the pantry or where the mail will live

  • Family and Continued Support: Streamlined downsizing and ongoing support for families with loved ones navigating change, such as a move from a family home to a retirement residence

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”

– Brian Tracy

Get Organized Today

Judgement-free expertise from the experts at Kaos Group. Let us help you start or finish that organizational challenge today.

How We Do It

We Help You Lead a More Organized and Stress-Free Life

There is no separation between work and home when it comes to feeling organized and empowered to tackle your day. Kaos Group professional organizers provide comprehensive support and assistance in various aspects of an individual or family’s life. 

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