We have been empowering our clients to excel in their endeavours through dedicated service for over three decades.

  • “Deanne helped me to organize my home business office! She had great ideas that we put into effect right away. I plan on having Deanne come to my office every 6 months to help me further in having a better structured office!”

    Anne (Burlington)
  • “I moved from a large home to a small seniors’ apartment. To make matters more difficult, I am a collector of wools and textiles. Deanne helped me to organize my many documents, my large collections and my life! Because I am mobility-challenged, she also bought and assembled storage items for me, she sent her handyman to me to help build some needed structures and by the time she was finished, my apartment was neat and everything had its own home. I am immensely grateful to this efficient, very kind, organized, honest woman who made my life safe and beautifully simple.”

    Barbe, Toronto
  • “Deanne talked extensively with me to understand my needs first, then took my needs and suggested creative solutions to satisfy them. She has improved both my business and personal space immensely. She was very skilled at considering how an area was going to be used and by whom and organizing it into an effective and logical space for all users. She was also incredibly conscientious, putting in maximum effort to ensure the best result no matter what the task. Deanne is incredibly pleasant to have around and she exudes a great sunny energy.”

    Terry (Toronto)
  • “Totally LOVED your talk.”

    Jessica (Aurora)
  • “I hired Deanne because I couldn’t get to my desk – it was covered with months of paper and I didn’t know where anything was. When Deanne arrived, there was no compromising – she knew what she had to do, she knew I wasn’t going to like the process, she knew I was going to be a challenge and she ignored it all and got to the job. Reluctantly, I followed. But the journey with her was remarkable – fast and efficient. Within hours, I could see my desk again. Within hours I was breathing at a normal pace. And that was just the beginning – After a few sessions I had an office that worked.

    So bravely, I decided to take on the basement which was filled to capacity with useful uselessness. Clearing that out was much more difficult for me because I had to throw things away or give things away or sell things away. There was no compromising – everything had to have a home and if it couldn’t find a home with me, it found a home somewhere else. But again, she made it all doable. And she looked after it all. Things were carted away either by her or by someone else. I never lifted a finger. It all felt remarkably easy and now my basement has wide open spaces.

    Even though I do not enjoy the process, I love working with Deanne – She makes me feel safe and protected at times when I feel extremely vulnerable. She is sensible, honest and caring – a real bonus in my personal and professional life.”

    Elaine, Toronto
  • “Your ability to cut through to what is needed and your positive and encouraging attitude are a delight. You can quote me on that.”

    Jeremy (Toronto)
  • “Really remarkable job. I keep looking in admiration. Aside from the fact that it looks good, it makes such sense. Onward and forward!”

    Goldie N.
  • “Thank you for such a great workshop last Thursday at the POC Conference. Your explanation for benchmarking simplified the steps that I would need to take to set my goals. Giving us the 6 tools to work with doesn’t feel like such a big deal. We sometimes takes ourselves too seriously, so your humour was much appreciated. After many years of listening to speakers, its nice to see those who can entertain us as well as teach us something.”

    Rose F.
  • “I want you to know that the day after your workshop, I went out and bought a file cabinet that fits under my desk and organized my entire office!!!! I have colour coded my files and my calendar to correspond with those colours so I can see where I’m spending my time.

    I have to admit, it was FUN! AND my desk has never been consistently cleared for as long as I can remember! It is amazing to me to walk in each day and see it clear! THANK YOU!!!”

    Sharon (Ottawa)
  • “This is the best money I have ever spent and am beyond thrilled with the results.”

    Anne (Barrie)
  • “Deanne was astonishingly brilliant. She came in and tackled my home and office with grace and humour. Her organizational ideas and input were just what I needed to create a real flow and sense of ease within my home and office. She established a great filing system. Literally everything has a place, not a paper left over. The money spent on her services was a great investment. She has eliminated the stress and anxiety I felt about some “problem areas” in my home and has created an organized and well-arranged haven. Thank you so very much! I really mean it. Thanks”

    Deb (Toronto)
  • “Your presentation inspired me to get rid of the negative energy that was draining me every time I walked into my home office. I am ususally an organized person but for a year or more I have just had too much “stuff” on my desk and on every shelf. Mind you they were all in neat piles – but there were so many of them! They needed to be dealt with – file, throw out, put back in its place, send to others etc. And to make matters worse I had dozens of business cards in neat little piles everywhere on my desk. Every time I needed to call someone I had to remember which pile their card was in. I spent a lot of wasted time flipping through each pile looking for specific people.”

    Judy (Toronto)
  • “I had the pleasure to participate of Deanne’s workshop. Her presentation was not just enlightening but interactive and fun. She is a very passionate and knowledgeable speaker. Her enthusiasm for teaching clients how to maximize their potential is contagious. I recommend Deanne’s services without hesitation and applaud her impeccable professionalism.”

    Melanie (Barrie)
  • “Thanks, Deanne. You are not only helpful and efficient at what you do, but also an inspiration. I feel so much better for having done what we did so far. I’m already making a little progress (got that Xmas list done that evening…ha ha), but feel committed to continuing and committed also to having you back to help the minute I falter or need further help!

    Thanks also for the snacks and lunch you brought. It helps to lead by example showing clients an important aspect of staying efficient and energetic.”

    Sharon (Rosedale)
  • “I found Deanne to be such a delight to work with. She is positive and uplifting and always left me feeling so energetic. So she did she prove herself to be great at what she does technically, by simplifying something that can seem so overwhelming, but she also gave me an amazing energy boost which carried me on through the work I needed to do after our meetings. I highly recommend her services.”

    Heather Chetwynd, Director VOICE to WORD Consulting Inc.
  • “While I’m still not putting things promptly into my files 100% of the time, I’ve found them helpful already. I have been able to put stuff away and find stuff that was piled on my desk before.”

    Sarah (Oakville)
  • “Hi Deanne – just wanted to say thanks again! It was a pleasure working with you. With your help & energy – we got 5 times more done than I would have on my own. My husband even admitted his original skepticism was washed away once he saw the end result.”

    Thank you for helping me organize my thesis articles. I feel good about it, and a positive spin off, is how fast you can get things done when you set your mind to it. I plan to use that motto until my thesis is finished.

    Christine (Toronto)
  • “It was an absolute pleasure working with Deanne. Not only did she come prepared with file folders which I had meant to buy (did she read my mind?), she also worked with me and found ways to incorporate my style into an organized system that I can continue to work with and improve upon.”

    Liz (Toronto)
  • “I asked Deanne to work with a Life Coach client of mine who was several years behind on his taxes. He was initially reluctant feeling no one could really help him quickly enough and CRA was running out of patience. Deanne was able to meet him for her initial “Insight Session” on his time schedule. She spent a day at his home pulling everything together, finding documents that had been hard to find, and setting up a clear organizational system for future document collecting. By the end of the day my client had everything he needed to take to his accountant. His back taxes were submitted by the CRA deadline and within a month of filing he received refund dollars that had been owing to him. Not only is my client grateful to Deanne for helping him, I am also grateful that this major hurdle for my client has been overcome so that we can move on to his other life challenges. Couldn’t have done it without Deanne. Thank you.”

    Nava B (Toronto)
  • “Deanne is a very gifted, creative and resourceful professional. She has wonderful, practical ideas for improving one’s business and customer relations. She is noted for her creativity in assisting others develop practical organization systems for both the home and business environments. Throughout the past year, Deanne has provided consulting services to me for both my professional work and home life. She truly has made an amazing difference in both lives. While I always will have chaos in my life, she has made it more bearable so that it is not overwhelming. Deanne is an excellent trainer and has trained my staff in creating more organized work systems. Deanne has a wonderful gift for truly listening to her customer’s problems and creating customized solutions to a variety of challenges. I have referred Deanne to a number of individuals who have been extremely pleased with her services. I believe that she would be a wonderful asset to your alliance.”

    Terry (Toronto)
  • “Oh my gosh – you have changed my life!!!”

    Rachel (Toronto)
  • “I look at time realistically now and I haven’t been late for an appointment or personal engagement since your seminar.”

    Stacey (Toronto)
  • “I continue to be stunned by how much you can accomplish, how quickly and how painlessly. Thank you sooooooooooo much for your efforts and for making time in your life to take the lead on things I find too stressful and big to handle alone.”

    Winona (Toronto)
  • “You have great leadership skills – fun, inclusive and a leader. I learned from you how you lead the meeting. Thank you!”

    Joy (Toronto)
  • “I love my new office. I think that was the best way I spent my $$ in a long time!! Thank you so much- It went so smoothly!”

    Mark (Burlington)
  • “I wanted to mention I got married in July and have been packing up my house the last while and over the weekend found the Toronto Star article about you from many moons ago (in a pile of house magazines – interestingly enough the woman you were helping in that article had a magazine thing as do I), reread it and found that it and your latest newsletter actually encourages me to continue to sort through and organize my belongings – your calm exudes from them and helps me when inside I’m freaking out after having lived in my house with child and myriad of pets for over 15 years.”

    Amy (Burlington)
  • “Deanne has spoken to a couple of my Company of Women chapters and each time has way exceeded my expectations. She made the topics of planning and organization fun, and with her creative and personable style, the women were actively engaged in the topic, wanting to learn more. I would highly recommend Deanne, not just as a speaker, but clearly she knows her stuff and bringing her in to sort through your chaos, would be money and time well spent.”

    Anne Day Founder, Company of Women
  • “Your comment about having an Excel file in which you store all your user names and passwords has saved me more than once this month — including this morning. Simple but brilliant. Thanks”

    Janice (Toronto)
  • “I am very pleased with what I learned from you. Of all the breakout sessions, it was yours that spurred me to action immediately following conference: I am now using a business application to save and manage my business contacts. Thank you again!”

    Alison (Ottawa)
  • “Thank you for such a great workshop last Thursday at the POC Conference. Your explanation for benchmarking simplified the steps that I would need to take to set my goals. Giving us the 6 tools to work with doesn’t feel like such a big deal. We sometimes takes ourselves too seriously, so your humour was much appreciated….After many years of listening to speakers, its nice to see those who can entertain us as well as teach us something.”

    Rose (Whitby)
  • “Thank you once again for a very informative and showing us “can use” methods for my every day hectic life.”

    Mary (Toronto)
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