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Tax Organizing is Time Well Spent

Let’s face it, gathering up a whole year’s worth of receipts and other documents pertaining to your tax filing can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. You don’t want to miss out on important tax deductions just because you didn’t keep track of them throughout the year, especially if you are a small business […]

Tax Preparation – Beyond the documents

It’s hard enough knowing that your documents aren’t in order but then you read an article like this one and you start questioning your accountant. Do you remember your accountant? That guy or gal who you speak to once a year when you send them your tax documents and then they invoice you, you pay […]

Tax Record Retention Made Easier

If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter you would have missed this article on tax record retention…. here it is for you. This is the time of year when many of us are working on our tax returns – or are just starting to think about it! Whatever stage you are at, one important question […]

Clear up your Credit Card Clutter

We’re coming up quickly on the holiday season – a wonderful time for spending time with friends and family and we all know that a little gift giving is often included. I know those little receipts from the stores and those silly bills the credit card companies send us each month can get a little […]

Taxes and Peace of Mind – Make a Move!

The words ‘taxes’ and ‘peace of mind’ aren’t always words that we utter in the same sentence. Although with an effective tracking system you could. Organizers, Lawyers and Accountants At kAos Group we work with business’ and create tracking systems that cater to their needs and functionality. We also have a growing number of lawyers […]

5 Quick Reads to Organize, Optimize and Profit

Click on the link below to read through this months Acclaim Magazine from Canadian Association of Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE): 1. Tips for office systems that will make things simpler, 2. Great info about your financial tracking, 3. Steps to help you spring cleaning your wardrobe, 4. Insiders info on what’s in fashion for spring […]

What will Goal Setting do for me?

Writing your goals down will help you clarify what is meaningful and important for you to achieve. Clearly defined goals will motivate you to stay focused and in control while helping you manage your time better. The success of each goal will increase your self-confidence and reduce your stress. Keep it Simple Write your goals […]

Organize Your Personality Type

Organizing your life isn’t about re-inventing the wheel – it is about finding a method that works for you and implementing it. It’s about having systems that you are comfortable with so that you’ll use them. It’s about working with someone who wants to learn about you, understand how you process information and then arrange […]

Tax Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

kAos Group saves our clients time and money by giving their accountant the numbers they need, not piles of papers to sort through. A professionally organized filing system will support you year after year, save you money and give you peace of mind. . Sorting: All financial documents should be neatly sorted and organized by […]

Tax Time Organizing

It’s time to get last year’s documents out of your filing cabinet, prep your tax information, and archive all pertinent paper work. If you are overwhelmed at the thought or not sure where to start just follow these directions and you will be well on your way. 1. Start with the right supplies • Hanging […]