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Tax Preparation – Beyond the documents

It’s hard enough knowing that your documents aren’t in order but then you read an article like this one and you start questioning your accountant. Do you remember your accountant? That guy or gal who you speak to once a year when you send them your tax documents and then they invoice you, you pay […]

Motivation isn’t the problem – great tips for follow through

I really enjoy reading Peter Bregman’s columns. In this article he speaks to the truth of the matter of motivation and provides some practical tips for following through. If you think motivation is a challenge for you this article might help you realize that you are motivated (you can pat yourself on the back now) […]

Paper in – Paper out can be a tough job to manage in a any household.

Consider the following tips to help you keep it under control. Step One: Create an ‘incoming’ mail area near the front door, in the front hall closet, or in a mail only area in the kitchen so you can put the mail/paper directly into the “incoming only” area until you have time to open, review, […]

Investment Strategy – Get Organized

If reviewing your financial plan and knowing your net worth and liquid net worth are on your mind then you’ll need to ensure a few things are in place before you call an advisor. Having your documents organized is definitely helpful says Investment Advisor, Minday Mok, MBA (Mindy.Mok@nbpcd.com)as we spoke about how she and her […]