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Did you know the average person spends 4 minutes per hour looking for something in their office? That equates to more than 3 weeks per year!

We still have a lot of paper, so here are a few tips to help you organize yours:

1. Start by gathering all the loose papers and tasks into four groups

To Do: These action items will need to be captured in one place. Digital or hard copy is your choice, one single to-do list is strongly recommended. Group like-minded tasks together and schedule them on your calendar.
To Pay: Place all incoming bills (contractors, utilities, subscriptions, etc.) here to ensure they’re entered into your accounting software or shared with your bookkeeper.
To File: These documents magically show us the wireframe for your entire filing system: You may have 2 primary groups, ‘office documents’ and ‘office expenses’.
To Read: Keep all reading materials in one accessible area, making it easy to catch up.

Tip: sometimes, a simple task is actually a small project. You can start by capturing all the do’s related to that project on its own list

2. Schedule 10-15 minutes at least 3 times each week to review the order of the office. What is out-of-place can be filed, scheduled or completed.

3. Give mail and magazines a home until they are opened; mail can go into the to-do pile, and magazines can go into the to-read pile.

4. Dispose of the sticky notes! Yup, you heard it from a gal who loves sticky notes. They have a great purpose but not when our entire desk is littered with them.

Sticky note tip: If your sticky notes are ‘action’ items, schedule them in your calendar.

5. Keep your projects and monthly reference business materials in binders or magazine boxes on the shelf. It’s an excellent way to contain all information pertaining to a specific project while ensuring that it is handy (it looks good too).

The above steps will certainly assist you in managing the paper flow in your environment but the next step will be to organize your computer files so that you know where to find those word documents when you need them.

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