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Do you believe you could make more money if you worked with a professional organizer? Of course you can ! When you are organized you’re more productive which therefore shows in your day to day output of work.

Take the Quiz to Find Out How

To help our readers see how executive functioning skills can be enhanced with the assistance of a professional organizer we’ve created this small quiz.  However, we’ve also included a personal quiz because when work and home are both functioning well they propel you forward with greater strength than when only one is functioning well.

1. Read each section and add up the number of statements that resonate with you.  

2. Scroll to the bottom for insights into your total. 

Your Office Processes:  

My Home Processes:

  • I would like to sort, organize and create systems for the paperwork in my home …once and for all
  • I don’t like paying my bills late but it seems to happen regularly
  • I’d feel like I never get a break from paperwork at home
  • I’m suddenly an executor of a will and I’m at my wits end
  • I feel like I need a personal assistant to help with meal planning, shopping, house cleaning and all the other activities
  • I need things around your house repaired, installed and maintained
  • I would really like to clear the clutter and organize areas of my personal life … I feel that will help me professionally too!

Tally your answers:

1-3: You are relatively satisfied with the functionality of your life and are open to tweaks that could make it better

4-6: You find yourself dropping the balls you’re juggling and are looking for practical solutions that will suit you and your lifestyle

7+: You gave up juggling and are now planning a vacation (somewhere South)…..  you’ll regroup and deal with it all later :)

Next Steps

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