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Downsizing, moving or estate clearing – what do I do with the memorabilia?

This can be an emotional time for family and planning ahead can alleviate many difficult situations. However, if planning ahead isn’t an option, here are a few suggestions:

• Create a list of items to be disbursed and included photos. Gather family together or email the list so that disbursement can begin. Establish a date and time for people to pick up the items.

• Photographs – can be professionally transferred to CD’s or into albums so that each family member has a copy.

• Memorabilia – the love letters or the Boy Scout jacket. My belief is to honour the cherished items. You can decide if you want to frame these item, photograph them to include on the CD or pass along to other family members who would truly like them.

• Large furniture pieces – many antique shops would be happy to resell your items. If it isn’t an antique shop piece consider donating it to a university student who could use the furniture.

Working with a Professional Organizer is helpful because they are experienced, informative, and are often the calming, organized strength that is needed to assist a family in achieving a peaceful transition.

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