Hello #FARMSMART 2014 attendees!

It was such an honour to be chosen to present two sessions (Managing Life and the Inbox and Time Management – A Business Perspective) at such an innovative and inspiring conference. Thank you to the conference committee for everything and thank you for taking the time to attend my session(s).  This post is a recap of some of the people, tools and sites that I mentioned in one or both of my sessions.

Want to learn more?

If you feel you’d like to learn more about how-to implement some of the strategies discussed in yesterdays sessions then you might consider hosting a 1/2 or full day workshop. Click here for more information about our sessions…. or just give me a call 🙂

The information:

1. Subscribe and read our Organized Lifestyle Magazine – this is the online magazine that I’ve been writing since 2006 with how-to’s, links ideas and motivation to organize your home, office, time and spirit.  Click here to view the archives

2. The Core Four System™ our proven paper control methodology process

3. Our Resources Page – a quick guide to more information that you might enjoy!

4. See the kAos Group Blog

Books and links to Peter Bregman and David Allen – productivity and time management guys that I like:

Peter Bregman

David Allen

Take great care!