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“I’ve decided to get more organized” she said to me “so what do I do now”?

I hear this often and it’s so true for so many people what do you do now? The truth is that once you’ve made the decision to change your situation, you need to learn how to achieve your desired result. The motivational guru’s call it visualization but there is still lot’s of work to be done to get you to the place you are visualizing.
You need to learn how-to and what you need to do and oftentimes the knowledge you need requires a professional. Then you need a customized plan that suits your personality and lifestyle. Without the right steps in place (the decision, the knowledge and the plan) overwhelm and disappointment will occur.

Let’s explore a three-step process for a small residential goal: The Linen Closet

Here is the how-to and what you need to do from start to finish, for your linen closet.
Empty the closet
• Review all items in closet
• Purge old towels
• Donate, Repair or Dispose of torn/mix matched/old sheets
• If you keep liquids, cosmetics, sun protection products, shampoo’s, etc in the closet be sure to dispose of any expired items
• Group all like items together – towels with towels and king sheets with king sheets, Sun protection products….

Storage Ideas
• Think soft sided containers – IKEA, Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc
• Think risers or plastic storage containers and hooks
• Use all vertical space in the closet – including on the door!

• Take measurements and go get the stuff you need
• Risers, containers, labels, hooks, etc
• Put all items back into the linen closet
• Check mark the linen closet as done and do the happy dance.

Other household areas will require far more planning and generally more time. Office systems require strategic planning and implementation. Why not start by giving yourself the chance to see the change you want in your life.

Pick one attainable task that you could complete in the next couple of days – think about your bathroom, a briefcase, a purse or a tiny closet in your home and have some fun with clearing the clutter.

Deanne Kelleher is the founder of kAos Group and the originator of the Core Four™ System.
kAos Group works with clients to help identify inefficiencies – the clutter and disorganization that prevents professional and personal growth – and help clients streamline their business and personal lives to reduce stress, increase profits, and create more time.

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