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Think about your office, wherever it may be, and ask yourself if the organizational structure – the work flow and paper flow of that space truly support your work style? If not, ask yourself what is your motivation for making it better.  

  • Space layout 
    • Is your work station ergonomically correct
    • Do you have enough lighting (after I turned 40, I put another desk lamp on my desk :)  
  • Administrative work 
    • Some love it and some don’t. But being organized can reduce the overall time spent on admin duties and give you more time for other things
  • Safe place to catch all
    • Do you have a place in your office, a system that you trust, to put incoming papers, notes and documents until you process them
  • Your email, your calendar and your tasks
    • You’d like to be in control of these activities
  • You’d like to feel that you can achieve your 2013 goals   

 This motivates me to organize my office:    


1. ____________________________________________________________ 


2. ____________________________________________________________ 


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